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Every commercial building houses a special purpose, reason and most importantly your brand. Flowers for the wife because she’s mad, education for our next generation, the choice of pizza on Friday night or groceries to cook for the week, cocktail for ladies night, or simply beers, boys, and sports.                                                                                                Robert Harding- Middletown Head Technician

Robert Harding


"We Keep Our Clients

Cool 24/7"

"Our Techs Justin and Ben spent 3 nights on our boat for 16- 911 repairs on our refrigeration. We departed on time and happy."

-Brian King- CS1- USS NIMITZ- Norfok Naval Ship Yard

CES Client

"On behalf of our company we thank you for the 9pm service call to our office."

-Dwight Jones-  Building Engineer- Amerigroup  

CES Client

"CES has not only effectively repaired our food equipment and refrigeration units with a balance of good judgement and cost efficiency, but more importantly, they understand our complex industry and know our process. CES  is a greatr service company because they really know our industry's challenges."

-Mike Nelson  General Manager- Domino's


"If food is the way to a man's heart, then CES will keep that food pumping out 24 hours a day 7 days a week"

-Lisa Rameriz, CES Marketing Dept

Shore up CES Client
Mcdonalds CES Client

"We provide  early eductaion program for children of low income parents and special needs. Our furnace went out and we got 3 quotes. 2 quotes said replace it and 1 said they could fix. Thank you CES, a new furnace was not in our budget."

Lynn Keivit- Coordinator- St. Paul Church 

"We called CES  at 6am. A tech named Simon, showed up to our building by 7am. Our refrigeration unit was repaired by 10 am. We didn't anticipate the quick response and planned to mark our product down. We lost no products calling CES."

-Kathy Thomas - General Manager- Dollar Tree

"I called CES out to my restaurant on a weekend and anticipated a huge extra fee. I paid $129.00 and my walk-cooler was up and running. The technician Don, actually brought me on the roof to show me my equipment and what he was doing step by step."

-Alex- Astorias Frachetti- Owner



"CES has maintenanced my equipment for 2 years. My energy bills have dropped by 7% and they come when I ask them to. I have no complaints."

-Barbara Redfield- Mcdonalds- GM

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