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Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

Your commercial refrigeration equipment houses your future profits, working for you day and night without even talking back. Call your refrigeration units “Employee of the Month or Year.” Taking Care of your commercial refrigeration is essential to maintaining its hard work because eventually your refrigeration equipment will cause more unexpected commercial refrigerator repairs then you should ever have to deal with. Surprise, all of a sudden your commercial refrigeration units are costing more than you allotted for on your budget and needs to be stopped right away.

Coliform Bacteria

Was Found In 73.3%

of Ice Machines in 2013

Your commercial refrigeration equipment houses your future profits,

Having a professional commercial refrigeration service company on your side to help you deal with these issues fast, could eliminate all these unexpected commercial refrigerator repairs,

keeping your refrigeration units making you money instead of blowing your hard earned profits. Stopping these unexpected refrigeration issues will require your company to bring on board a professional commercial refrigeration company and with so many great companies in the Delmarva area, which company will be the best fit for your brand? Call now to speak one-on-one with our commercial refrigeration specialists.

Refrigeration Preventative Maintenance Program (CMAP)

Professionalism, experience, and on-demand availability is what individuals utilizing CMAP recieve. When choosing the CMAP program for your commercial refrigeration units, business's will receive the special attention that they deserve for with their refrigeration units in order have no surprise breakdown and keep them running in tip-top shape. Our Specially formulated refrigeration maintenance plan will give

piece-of- mind to the fact that products will never spoil, beer will never be hot or cold and an on demand refrigeration specialist is ready to answer questions and come to your business in an hours notice. Our specially designed CMAP program automatically dispatches an experienced technician to come to your building monthly to monitor your commercial refrigeration units’ performance. The tech logs that performance on a tailored agenda for you to see in order to alleviate unexpected breakdowns and provide information on upcoming future issues while prolonging the life of your equipment and minimizing energy consumption. Every building has its own purpose and brand so when developing your CMAP program we will integrate priory service, discounted hourly wages on repairs, and train managers, owners, or even employees on specialized energy saving tips. When building your brand, we know it can take so much out of you, let CMAP take care of some of those headaches.

CMAP (Commercial Maintenance Agreement Program): Preventative maintenance program tailored to fit commercial businesses across Delmarva with superior, on demand refrigeration service 24/7. The CMAP objective is to prolong refrigeration equipment by doubling the life of the unit and saving 5% to 10% on energy bills.

Refrigeration Maintenance 101

DIY   Refrigeration   Maintenance

  1. Don't not allow employees to leave commercial refrigeration doors open for extended periods of time

  2. Remind employees to turn off lights. The lights create heat causing the refrigeration unit to work harder.

  3. Try flouresent light bulbs. These bulbs are more energy efficient and give off less heat.

  4. Do not stack anything around the coil of the refrigeration unit. This rescricts the airflow to the unit and decreases performance immediatly and over time causes longevity problems.

  5. Don't Overpack unit. Over packing refrigeration units will cause temperatures to rise.

  6. Clean gaskets frequently. They might seem insignifigant but they actually play a huge roll in keeping your cooler maintaining correct healthy tempertures

  7. Keep condensing unit clear of all debri, water, trash, and ect. If not done it will rescrict airflow and energy bills could sky rocket.

  8. Call a refrigeration tech once a year to unclog drain lines, inspect for leaks, add freon,and ect. Keeping a refrigeration maintenance plan can double the life of refrigeration units

No Tools Required

Eco- Friendly Commercial Refrigeration Solutions Provider

energy star government program
US Green Building Council
EPA government program

We Provide and Support Responsible Smarter Commercial Refrigeration Experiences For A Better Tomorrow

Walk in freezer

Walk in cooler

Refrigerant leak repair

Beer Tap

Refrigeration lines

Refrigerated warehouse

Ice machine

Beverage chiller system

Reach in cooler

Glycol systems

Ice box

Reach in freezer

Acid clean ices machine

Service of frozen or plugged drain lines

Adjustment of defrost timer clocks

Defrosting frozen coils

Refrigerant leak check

Condenser check

Compressor check

Check temperatures

Freon leak repair

Freon leak detection

Milk dispenser

Fan motor service

Condenser coil cleaning

Condenser coil degreasing

Turbo Tap

leak repair

Industrial Refrigeration

Commercial Refrigeration

Typical Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Services, CES

Provides Including, But Are Not Limited To:

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