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We Encourage Green Practices

Inside and outside our offices CES employees have inacted green mandatory procedures to
better help our clients and ourselves, ultimatley for a cleaner enviroment

Why get a preventative maintenance program?

Together we can do it

It Probably Just Needs Freon...
When a commercial refrigeration unit or HVAC system stops cooling, 85% of the time our clients say this to our technicians.
Fortunatly, most of the time they are right but 100% of the time, freon is not all that is required to fix the problem. By just adding freon, the unit will work, but not for long.
The reason that the unit required freon was do to a leak. That leak needs to be found and fixed before any freon can be added or a deadly gas will keep leaking into our enviroment.
Freon is a gas but not a gas like we put into our cars. Our vehichle gasoline we need to keep replenishing because it burns up to keep our vehichles moving. Freon is a gas that does not burn up, therefore it never needs to be charged up time and time again. When freon is left to leak into our enviroment it doesnt burn up there either but causes major damage to our ozone. If cars ran on freon like refrigeration units and HVAC systems instead of gasoline and you never had to fill your car again with freon unless you had a leak would you fix the leak? Or keep filling up your car with freon?

Let It Grow

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