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Commercial Air Conditioning Service

Felton, DE

Fenwick Island, DE

Frankford, DE

Frederica, DE

Georgetown, DE

Greenwood, DE

Harbeson, DE

Harrington, DE

Hartly, DE

Houston, DE

Milton, DE

Nassau, DE

New Castle, DE

Newark, DE

Ocean City, MD

Ocean Pines, MD

Ocean View, DE

Rehoboth Beach, DE

Salisbury, MD

Seaford, DE

Kenton, DE

Laurel, DE

Lewes, DE

Lincoln, DE

Long Neck, DE

Magnolia, DE

Middletown, DE

Milford, DE

Millsboro, DE

Millville, DE

Berlin, MD

Bethany Beach, DE

Bethel, DE

Bishop, MD

Blades, DE

Bridgeville, DE

Camden, DE

Chestertown, DE

Cheswold, DE

Church Hill, DE

Maryland and Delaware Service Areas

Selbyville, DE

Showell, MD

Slaughter Beach, DE

Smyrna, DE

Viola, DE

West Fenwick, DE

Whaleyville, MD

Willmington, DE

Woodside, DE

Wyoming, DE

Clarksville, DE

Dagsboro, DE

Delmar, DE

Denton, DE

Dewey Beach, DE

Dover, DE

Easton, MD

Eden, MD

Ellendale, DE

Farmington, DE

"CES is setting a new air conditioning  industry standard with our no night or weekend after hour up charges.. "

Take Control of your
Air Conditioning Company from anywhere this summer
Call Now To Find Out About Smart HVAC

Every commercial building has a special purpose

reason and most importantly your brand. Flowers for the wife because she’s mad, education for our next generation, the choice of pizza on Friday night or groceries to cook for the week, cocktail for ladies night, or simply beers, boys, and sports.


To keep your purpose growing

CES wants to arm your building with a true high performance  air-conditioning system that builds a better tomorrow for you and your wallet.

HVAC service

Commercial Air Conditioning Service

commercial air conditioner


as your go-to-commercial air conditioning company, we don’t require you to be on any type of HVAC maintenance agreement plan, just to have your commercial air conditioning unit service. When spring approaches just call and we will be there to make sure your air conditioning system is running at its optimal performance, educate your faculity about your units plus energy saving tips and inform you about any problems that may arise with your units in the future. Before spring break and summer madness brings you to the point that your head is spinning, be ahead of the crazy summer with CES. We are the commercial air conditioning service company that works for you.


like the engine seizing but if you do what the manufacturers are advising you to do you will get better gas mileage, more life out of the car, and ECT. Just like your car, the manufacturer of your commercial air conditioning units require you to service your air conditioner twice a year and change the filters

every 30 days to 60 days.

Your car requires you to change the oil every 3,200 miles and if you don’t change the oil it can cause major damage

You won't damage your air conditioning system when utilizing CES Commercial Equipment Services

HVAC repair
HVAC installation

Call CES now and take all of those nasty thoughts away with one phone call

to a premier commercial air conditioning company

 open 24/7. We provide you with no after hour or week charges, so when you need a quick installation we are here for you, when you need us.  If you are open at night and the weekends, so are we. With CES on your side you don’t have to worry about keeping clients or employees cool summer after summer, we keep Delmarva cool. You have a brand to worry about building, leave the air conditioning installation to us.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs

With so many business's in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia that have a limited amount of time to make their quotas

for the year and summer is there busiest time, we understand your air conditioning repairs have to be done right the first time. At CES replace the air conditioning unit is not our first choice and when choosing just any air conditioning repair service, most of the time you will hear replace when the truth is your commercial air conditioner can be fixed. 

 Anybody can come into your building and say “Yup, It Needs to Be Replaced.” We are asking that you give us try, when hearing replace the air conditioning unit.

It takes experience to repair a commercial air conditioning unit and that is what we are here to guarantee that  you deserve to get an honest answer when asking what’s wrong with my commercial air conditioning unit. Call now to speak on-one-one with our commercial air conditioning repair specialists.

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Boom, crash your commercial air conditioning is gone.

It happens fast and commercial air conditioning repairs are out of the question. It can’t be fixed and your customers are getting upset because it’s “WAY TO HOT." You need an experienced 24 hour commercial air conditioning service company to get the job done, now! “Then you hear CHA-CHING, "there goes my budget." You think in your head “It’s Saturday, how am I going to get a commercial cooling company out here now without paying crazy amounts of dollars and keep my customers happy?”

5 reasons to invest in a new HVAC system

Air Conditioning manufacturers request that you service your units in the spring and in the fall due to the amount of dust, debris, and grease that is sucked in through your air intake and out door condensing units.  

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