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Time is essential when dealing with your commercial or industrial refrigeration services loss of thousands of dollars in products and dissatisfied customers can happen in minutes when commercial refrigeration repairs are immnient. This can all ride on the reliability of your commercial refrigeration company and there ability to deliver quick, knowledgeable, and prompt commercial refrigeration repairs. CES Commercial Equipment Services offers maintenance, repair, and installation of commercial and industrial refrigeration units across the Delmarva area when you need us, day or night, weekend or week day we are on your schedule. Let us give you a hand today.

Commercial Refrigeration

Time is essential when dealing with your commercial or industrial refrigeration services

Delaware and Maryland Counites Serviced:










New Castle









Product Loss


Production Failure


Sick Customers


Distasteful Food


Warm Beer


Bad Branding


Reduced Profits


Opposite of The Above


Without Part

Is That Commercial Refrigeration Part Really Not Worth Fixing?

With Part

2010 - present

2010 - present

Standard Quality Beer is to be

Served At =44 F

Optimized Beer

Serving Temperature



Premium Lagers

42- 48 F


Authentic Stouts

warm up to 55 F

Cold temperatures = less carbonation released = less aroma = less taste = CALL NOW

CES Services All Commercial Refrigeration & Industrial Refrigeration in Delmarva:


Industrial Buildings





grocery stores

floral shops

Fire Stations

Naval Base


Government Buildings

Coffee Shops


Ice Cream Parlors


The "Replace It" company figured out your energy costs vs longevity of the ice machine and made the descision that it's time for your company to purchase a new ice machine. Most of the time they are right with the new energy star ice machine replacements that are on the market but if a new ice machine comes out every 9 months, are you supposed to buy a new ice machine every 9 months? If your ice machine can be fixed, shouldn't you have the say whether, "It's Time To Replace The Ice Machine or Not?

Delmarva's Superior Ice Machine Repair Service

Ice is a sure way to keep your refrigerated products selling fast. When your products are moving fast so should your ice machine repair service but don't let just any refrigeration company come into your building and say replace the ice machine. That is your buildings ice machine and your business should have the say whether it's in the budget to replace the ice machine or not. 37% of refrigeration calls that we service, say they have had a refrigeration company out there that told them, "It's Time To Replace The Ice Machine." The truth is, "They Didn't Have To Replace The Ice Machine."An ice machine repair would have been sufficient.

With CES, If we can't repair your Ice Machine or the Ice Machine is over 20 years old, there is NO DIAGNOSTIC CHARGE for us coming out. We Stand By Our "It's Your Choice Policy."

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