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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Repair Maintenance

When commercial and industrial cooking equipment are constantly in high use these pieces of equipment are vital when proving to your customers that your industry standards are of high quality. Give your customers better tasting food and impeccable sanitation while providing increased commercial cooking equipment longevity and lowered energy bills for your business today.

In the United States an

Estimated 76 Million People

Become Ill Every Year

due to Food Poisoning From Unmaintenanced Food Equipment

Cooking equipment is vital to the success and daily operations of many brands.

Schedule Maintenance On Your Time

  • Flour is used in 98% of Kitchens in America. Flour will also cut the life of food equipment in half when not maintenanced regularly.

  • Greese is the #1 fire starter in commercial kitchen across America. Maintenancing that food equipment can cut the chances of having a fire by 75%

  • Maintenancing kitchen equipment on a regualar basis can double the life of use.



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When Is The Last Time You Have Been On Your Roof To Check Your Food Equipment Vents?

Cans are NOT FOOD EQUIPMENT PARTS but we see unprofessionalism and unsafe work like this every week. Don't get charged for a rusty can as a part, for your food equipment? When Utilizing CES we GUARANTEE to only use GENUINE OEM FOOD EQUIPMENT PARTS.

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